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You Want it,

We Get It !

Lawyer law office legal investigator 

Let's face it,

When you hire a Private Investigator you want information.

The information should be accurate and relevant. 

You will want to know :

  • Is your Ex-Spouse in a "Cohabitation" situation with another person? Did you know this situation may allow for Termination of your alimony payments?
  • Yes, Terminate them!
  • Is that employee stealing?
  • Is your spouse being unfaithful?
  • Is your Ex-spouse lying about employment to avoid paying their financial responsibilities?
  • Is that potential employee who and what they say they are?
  • Who is your teenager dating or where are they going? 


S.A.S. Group is fully capable of conducting all your surveillance needs. Whether you want in person investigators or covert technical surveillance our firm is the answer to your evidence gathering needs. 

We also operate a fleet of specialized surveillance vehicles that blend into any environment.

GPS Anti-Tracking Units
If you believe you are being tracked by a GPS device we also have GPS Anti-Tracking Devices to rent which will render all GPS Tracking devices near you inoperative and prevent your location from being recorded or transmitted.

Our firm offers you options that will get you the information you seek. We will gather the information you need to give you peace of mind. These are only a small example of the types of cases we handle. Contact us and we can advise you if your situation would warrant our assistance.

Our investigative group is dedicated to providing the best service available. We will do everything possible to successfully complete your investigation in a timely and cost effective manner. Our services include all investigative avenues available to bring your matter to a successful conclusion. Discretion is a must in any investigation and we strive to maintain a low profile.

Our clients demand the best and we provide it.

Sales and Rentals:

Covert Video/ GPS Tracking Devices

SAS Group sells and rents both covert video recording devices and GPS tracking devices. We have plans for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals.

Whether you need to determine if someone is unlawfully entering your property or just to check if your child care provider is acting appropriately we have a camera system suitable for your needs.    

Client Confidentiality

No client information is ever divulged or shared
with any commercial entity not affiliated with
S.A.S. Group LLC, for any purpose.

The Business of Your Business 

is completely safe.