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Initial Consultation and Fee Schedule: 

Lawyer law office legal investigator 

Call us today for a free discussion or appointment. S.A.S. Group will make every effort towards discretion for your comfort and safety. We will travel to serve you, and will even meet you at a convenient location near you.

  • We provide services throughout the State of New Jersey.
  • The first interview will be with an experienced investigator.
  • We will honestly asses your situation and advise you if it would benefit from our services.
  • We will give a realistic estimate as to the results that can be obtained from our service.

Each case is different however, in all cases a retainer will be necessary if services will be provided. The retainer will vary with the complexity and estimated work to be done on the case.

Our goal is to serve the client as best we can. S.A.S. Group strives for the most timely, efficient and cost effective investigations possible.

Call For A Free Consultation