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Corporate Services

S.A.S. Group can assist you in all aspects of pre-employment screening and background investigations for all levels within your corporation. Whether screening applicants for your company or full backgrounds on prospective corporate officers, or integrity checks, we can provide complete and comprehensive information on all personnel. 

Background checks

Pre-employment screening includes your choice of:



Criminal records

Employment History

Don't wait until they work for you to find out who they really are!

Integrity Checks

We provide integrity checks for your employees or businesses. We provide "Covert Video Services" so you know what is really happening at your business when you are not present. We also provide integrity checks.

Our firm has the latest covert video/audio surveillance equipment necessary to provide evidence of all encounters.

  1. Business Checks
  2. Employee Integrity Checks
  3. Government Compliance Checks
  4. Fair Housing Compliance Checks
  5. Actual Customer Encounters
  6. Real Time Customer Service Evaluations
  7. Telephone Customer Service Checks


S.A.S.Group provides special investigative services for corporate security departments. If you need your investigative team or corporate security team audited or an Internal Investigation conducted we can provide these services. Basically we investigate your investigators to determine if corporate policies and SOP’s are being complied with. If complaints about your security force occur we can conduct the investigation without a conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety thus retaining your corporate and security forces’ integrity.

S.A.S. Group will provide your corporation with a neutral third party to investigate complaints against the staff.

Armed Executive/Family Protection

If you feel personal protection is necessary we are prepared to serve your needs. All our investigators are licensed to carry firearms and have years of police and protective experience. We are available to serve your needs for executive/family protection, or corporate/meeting security.

If you are concerned about you or your family's well being there must be reason.

Don't wait until it's too late!

Call us for an evaluation of your situation.


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